cFos 2000/XP/Vista DSL/ISDN Driver

cFos 2000/XP/Vista DSL/ISDN Driver 8.01

cFos is a Dial-Up driver for DSL and ISDN usef for traffic sharping
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cFos is a Dial-Up driver for DSL and ISDN. You can use cFos with the Windows Dial-Up Network to establish connections to the Internet.
For DSL connections cFos talks to you DSL Modem which is connected with a network adapter. For ISDN connections cFos uses the CAPI driver provided by the manufacturer of your ISDN card.

In addition, cFos offers Traffic Shaping for Internet connections, a firewall and a lot more features. With Traffic Shaping you get maximum bandwidth with minimal Ping.

For ISDN cFos emulates a modem at a COM port, so that you can use software, which was originally written for modems, with ISDN, too. cFos also has an ISDN caller monitor.

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